Goodbye Letter

Dearest Friends,

We are closing the red studio door one final time.

One Love Generation has provided free programming for the teen artist community since 2009 and we have been able to maintain funding until now. It has been an honor serving the youth of our community and seeing so many kids grow up to be young adults right before our eyes.

We thank Ashley Schick, our program director, and the many “grown up” artist mentors who have also passed through the studio’s red door. I know all of the parents are with me when I say “thank you” for sharing your knowledge with the future artists of ATL (out of the goodness of your heart). Much gratitude to the Goat Farm for graciously hosting us over the years & to all of our supporters, partners, parents, volunteers … and to you, person reading this letter.

A message to the six generations of teen artists: Continue to create to limitless extents. Continue to love and be open for others to love you. Continue to explore – there is a whole world out there. You were a part of something very important and you will always be in our family. It has been an honor.

Parents: For questions on transitioning into Atlanta art programs, please feel free to reach out. As the lovely supportive mama, Mrs. Seals, once said, “It remains to be seen what these kids will become.”

Teen Art Orgs: We are donating our art supplies to organizations with aligned missions. Please let us know if you are in need & also if you have space for new students in your program.

Thank you for supporting our organization over the years and please continue to invest your time and love in the teenagers of the world.

Hearts and Art signing off,
Miss Jennifer