Visiting Artists, Mentors, Instructors…

One Love Generation takes great pride in the artists we bring in to educate our youth, from mentors to workshop teachers to guest lecturers.  We would like to share some information about past and present mentors and the work they are doing on a personal level.

Amy L. Ashbaugh: Illustrator | Fine Artist: www.alashbaugh.com

AMY WEB BIOAmy L. Ashbaugh is an Atlanta-based fine artist and illustrator. Her artistic vision centers on the representation of the fantastic from literature, folklore and pure imagination.

Look for her work in various titles from: Fanatasy Flight Publishing, Palladium Books, Third Eye Games and Emerald City Expeditions. Her work may also be found on her website.



Ashley L. Schick: Artist | Works on Paper: www.ashleylschick.com

AshleyAshley L. Schick makes works on paper and artists’ books. After graduating with a Master of Fine Art in Printmaking, Ms. Schick became an artist’s assistant to sculptor Brian Dettmer for over two years, after an initial period working through his grant from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia’s Working Artist Project.  From the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2013, she was part of the Creatives Project’s Artist-In-Studio Residency Program. She was also one of the original co-founders of Straw Hat Press. Her work is represented by Kai Lin Art and Vamp & Tramp Booksellers.

Jason Kofke: Artist: www.jasonkofke.com


Jason Kofke understands a culture by images of what has been abandoned, discarded, or abrogated. He uses art as salvage ethnography so as to attribute meaning to events of the past. His projects empathize with communal memories and attempt to make sense of the present through a re-exploration shared history.

Kofke is a resident at The Creative’s Project Artist Residency. He is a recipient of a 2011 Artadia Grant and a 2009 Idea Capital Grant and has been awarded residencies at The Arctic Circle Project in Svalbard, Norway, ARCUS Project in Moriya, Japan, and the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China.

John Tindel: Artist: www.johntindel.com


John Tindel is a skilled visual artist, designer, and illustrator. His work is deeply rooted in the contemporary South, which he tries to understand and explore through the lenses of personal history and wit. His visual style is recognizable in the large variety of projects he coordinates and is defined by an experimental and stimulating use of techniques. John’s creative addiction keeps him involved in several projects at any given time.



Jonquel Norwood: Artist: Website

JONQUEL WEB BIORemember when the fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage, and mice into men? That’s what I do. I can take a pencil and paper and make magic. I am a New Orleans-born artist; southern charm and magic spells run through my veins. I grew up in a land where jazz music could be heard at every corner, the food has soul, and the bayous are enchanted. A place where indians dance in the street, our football team is blessed by the heavens, Voodoo spirits roam the earth, and every day, there’s a party. As you can imagine, it’s no wonder my art world is filled with witches, indians, cats and magic. Welcome, and remember my magic spell “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” (let the good times roll).

Lucha Rodriguez: Fine Artist. Website

LuchaLucha Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She earned a B.F.A. in graphic design from The Art Institute of Atlanta, and an M.F.A. in printmaking from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Rodriguez’s print work has been included in numerous group shows in Mexico, India, France, Hong Kong and the United States. She has produced various “pink projects” ranging from etchings, monoprints, serigraphies, to immersive surreal environments. Rodriguez develops series of organ inspired “Creaturettes” which expand into her own extravagant symbolism related to the body as an internal space. She is also the 2010-11 recipient of the Emerging Artist Award from the Forward Arts Foundation and is currently a Creatives Project artist in studio resident at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Karen Glass: Art. Concept. Design. Process.


Karen glass is a concept and creative process designer for retailer and product makers including women’s apparel. She relocated to Atlanta in January.  She will be focusing her work with OLG in Fashion Illustration and Design.

Her experience ranges from having her own custom couture atelier to corporate creative team process design and executive management of concept and design for women’s apparel companies.

She has lived and traveled in many places around the globe and brings this influence to her work and her teaching.

Keif Schleifer: Sculptor

KEIF WEB BIOMy artistic works, often sculptural, spring from a basis of rigorous architectural classicism and often have a direct correlation to the human form. I have three degrees studying sciences (math, chemistry and building technology) and a fourth studying art and architectural history. I am deeply interested in contextual meanings of unsanctioned artist expression in the built environment.




Kevin L. Clark: Medical Illustrator and Animator: www.clarkmedicalmedia.com

Kevin ClarkKevin connected with art illustrating comic book characters at an early age. Coupled with a love for the outdoors, this gift soon matured into a passion and affinity for illustrating biological sciences. With degrees in both scientific and medical illustration, Kevin is extremely passionate in designing educational illustrations and animations to positively impact the lives of others.

Beyond his artwork, Kevin seeks to help reach and inspire youth through a number of non-profit mentoring organizations. A medical education fused with a passion to teach, he is determined to use his knowledge and experience to globally affect the healthcare world.  Kevin currently works and lives in the Atlanta area.

Kristi Hyde: Jewelry Designer: www.kristihyde.com

KristiI am a southern independent artist and jewelry designer, born and raised near the river banks, pine forests and cotton fields of Decatur, AL.

My jewelry designs are inspired by nature, the pulse of an urban life, and a long time love and appreciation for antique jewelry and fine art. The style of my jewelry is modern vintage infused with an organic design philosophy and a fairytale aesthetic…. I do my best to find balance in asymmetry and to honor the perfect imperfections of our natural world…

Marcy Starz: Fine Artist: www.marcystarz.com

web bio marcy

Origins are very intriguing to me, specifically the origins of traditions, stereotypes and characteristics. As a society that’s so far removed from our origins, we often forget about them when they’re just a scratch under the surface of our personalities. My work is an observation of human character and the role gender plays in our perception and expectations of one another. I enjoy juxtaposing highly rendered figures against flat, repetitious surface and the negative space that they subsequently create. Living in a fast-paced and techno-centric society I’m drawn to timeless imagery that has narrative potential and bridges across generational gaps. My objective is to make engaging artwork that the viewer can relate to, striking them on an instinctual level.

Matthew Miller: Illustrator: www.sunflowerman.com

matt web bio

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Matt draws inspiration from his lakeshore roots. With a passion for serving people and a desire to create, Matt is constantly seeking new ways to understand the world in which we live by finding joy and life in the midst of confusion and death.

“The goal is always to illustrate people. People are interesting and worthwhile and beautiful.

People wear clothing, People invent culture and people are beautiful. I find that men’s clothing is particularly interesting. The intentionality of strong lines and bold fabrics speak to a masculine nature.

A statement is made when donning a jacket and knotting thin fabric around a neck. It is an admittance of culture and an admission that the creators and wearers are beautiful.”

Molly Rose Freeman: Fine Artist | www.mollyrosefreeman.com

MRFMolly Rose Freeman moved to Atlanta in 2012 to focus on a full-time professional art practice. She has completed murals in Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, St. Louis, Asheville, Charleston, and the Bay of Banderas, Mexico. She has partnered with Living Walls, the Atlanta Beltline, the Hollywood Mural Project, and other public art organizations. Recent clients have included Leo Burnett, Hotel Indigo, W Hotels, Renaissance Hotels, and the Atlanta Hawks. She is currently in residence with the Creatives Project and works out of a studio at the Goat Farm Arts Center.  In 2010, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BA in Creative Writing.

Nikki Starz: Sculptor: www.nikkistarzart.com

nikki web bio

Art is ambiguous and undefinable. Everything has the potential to be art. The definition of art has been manipulated through a series of historical progressions with ever-changing parameters.  There have been impressionists, expressionists, suprematists, constructionists, abstract expressionists, surrealists, pop artists, Dadaists, and so on. I am fascinated by an evolving definition of art and the vastness of its meanings. Through the use of art historical references, as dark, comedic, and satirical devices, I bring the viewer to art’s past in order to make them wonder about where art is today. Using historical references as a foundation, my work also introduces contemporary elements to question and poke fun at the society I live in.

Ruth Meharg: Fine Artist: www.ruthmeharg.com

web bio ruthI am Ruth Catherine Meharg, and I am an artist, a sister, a friend, a reader, a human.

My goal is to write and illustrate books that inspire hope, life and love in those who read them. I also want to raise awareness about how simple acts can make a difference in the world when ordinary people are encouraged and empowered to take initiative and change the culture they live in.

I love working in a variety of mediums and have used everything from ink and colored pencils to watercolors and oils, but have recently fallen in love with acrylics and collage. I aim to tell a story in everything I create and add beauty to the world with my art and my life.