“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Gandhi

The 2014-2015 Studio Program will run from September to May. Click CALENDAR for complete schedule. Please read on for volunteer artist descriptions.

GUEST ARTIST: Guest Studio Artists have the opportunity to share their talents and secrets of their trade with the teen artists. Host/lead projects ranging from one to three week spans & participate on an “open” commitment basis (not required to attend weekly). We encourage mentors with unexpected travel and work schedules to volunteer as a Guest Studio Artist on a per project basis.

Eligibility Requirements for Studio Guest Artist:

  • Professional Artist – Local or Visiting Internationally
  • Project Submittal (Click HERE to download sample)

STUDIO MENTOR ARTIST: Studio Mentors share their talents and dedicate time to the development of a group of teen artists at OLG from September through May on a weekly basis for a total of 30 sessions. Currently we do not have Studio Mentor Space available.

Eligibility Requirements for Studio Mentor Artist:

  • Artist in one of the following three cities: Atlanta, Nashville, Liberia (Costa Rica)
  • Attend weekly 5:30-8:30 (total of 30 sessions on Monday OR Tuesday evenings)

GUEST SPEAKER: (Minimal commitment) Take 15-25 minutes of your time giving a run down of how you “came to be”. Share your story about becoming an artist, what you do & how you do it. We encourage digital slideshows or bringing in actual work to support your talk. Speakers have an option to start at 6 or 8pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights from September to May. We are actively seeking guest speakers for all nights!

TEEN ARTIST MENTOR: Artist Mentors share their talents and dedicate time to the development of a specific teen artist at OLG on Wednesday nights. Mentors/mentees are matched based on a number of qualities including preferred mediums, interests and character. We are currently seeking the following mentor genres: (1) 2D mentor, (2) multi-media 2D/3D mentor, or (3) street artist/public art mentor for specific teen artists starting in September of 2014 through May 2015.

Eligibility Requirements for Teen Artist Mentor:

  • Artist in Atlanta
  • Develop a focused theme/plan for the year based on mentor/mentee match
  • Attend weekly on Wednesdays 5:30-8:30
  • Background Check