mentoring program

Prerequisite: By invitation, 3 month minimum in Studio with few or no absences.

The Mentoring Program matches teen artists with professional artist mentors to create studio art projects focusing on specific environmental, socio-economical or philanthropic issues facing our world. Mentees meet weekly in studio or in the field working on local art-related community service project. Our mentors provide support, encouragement and exposure to new experiences. By developing a meaningful relationship with a mentee, they contribute to his or her artistic success, social development and sense of purpose.

Mentees in the Mentoring Program have the opportunity to:

  • Work in a studio setting with a professional artist mentor every week
  • Showcase their work throughout Atlanta
  • Meet and learn from leaders in the Atlanta artist community
  • Experience showcasing their work in multiple gallery exhibitions
  • Illustrate the power of the arts as a tool for encouraging positive social change
  • Explore and volunteer for various local causes they feel passionate about
  • Eligible to apply for the INTERNATIONAL Program upon completion