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AJC Article: Race Raises $ for Art Program for Teens

AJC_Article 2

The End of an Era

by Jennifer Lingvall

ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO, I asked a lovely art teacher at Coan Middle School if she had group of kids willing to be guinea pigs in my art experiment. Amongst this group was the young and oh-so-talented Yakira Carter (she likes to call herself “Queen Bee”). When I first met Kira, her heart was a little harder and mine seemingly broken. For whatever reason, we found each other in this world and have gone through the ringer in countless ways. One Love Generation has been a constant amongst all of life’s unknown variables for the both of us.

This year she will graduate, along with a magical group of kids who are near and dear to my heart. It has been such an honor to spend your teenage years with all of you. The transformations you have made are more inspirational than you’ll ever know. Hearts have opened, confidence has been summoned and your talent continues to grow.

I am happy you all have a place you belong to. A place where you can be creative to limitless extents. A place that demands equality and respect towards one another. A place where you are loved…and a place you can always call home.

You have made me so very proud. I cannot wait to see what is in store for all of you, and the generations of One Love kids who will follow in your steps (you’re coming back to mentor, right?). Thank you for paving the way. And thank you for believing in the experiment. You have made it a huge success.

Love you darlings … (and love you too, Tomato) … Jennifer

Yakira Jennifer 2014


Monday Studio Night Mural at MIS


Monday Studio Night created this mural at Midtown International School (MIS) this spring. The mural traces the school’s midtown location (left side) to Atlanta’s location on the Earth, to the Earth’s location in the Milky Way. A skyline of local and international buildings lines the bottom of the image. Constellations are scattered on the right side. Thank you so much to everyone who made this project possible!

Tuesday Studio Night: Week 14


Bohemian Guitars visited to show us their custom-made oil can- and lunchbox-bodied guitars on this chilly evening. We are creating the surface design for multiple guitars that will be auctioned off to support music education programs. Check out more Bohemian Guitars at http://www.bohemianguitars.com/.

Tuesday Studio Night 2013 – Week 12


Tuesday Studio Night returned to Straw Hat Press to complete our printmaking project. We used dry point to put additional details on our line-etched plates. We learned how to ink, wipe, and print plates. Since we made multiple prints, we added different watercolor designs to some of them!

Monday Studio Night 2013 – Week 10


Monday Night Studio created batik designs on fabric using wax resists and colored dyes. We learned about the history and tradition of batik work in Indonesia. (Watch a UNESCO video about the process here.) Thanks to the van Erk family for letting us borrow a hotplate!

A Selection of Bowls



A selection of the bowls made at Monday and Tuesday Studio Night this year at MudFire in Decatur. The bowls were sold at our Empty Bowls Dinner Event at The Goat Farm Arts Center. All of the proceeds benefited Project Open Hand. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible!

Making Empty Bowls


On Thursday, November 21st, One Love Generation will be hosting an Empty Bowls dinner at the Goat Farm Arts Center to raise money and awareness for Project Open Hand. For $5, guests to the Empty Bowls dinner can have a bowl of soup and select a ceramic bowl handmade by a teen artist. In order to get ready for the dinner, Monday and Tuesday Studio Nights have been on a four-week excursion to MudFire Studios in Decatur. MudFire is a ceramics studio that donated their time and facilities to help us make over 120 bowls for our dinner event.

Monday Studio Night students learned about hand-building – pinch pots, flat coils, and slab building. Each process uses the hands to shape and form the bowls, with a little help from a rib tool or a bowl mold. Tuesday Studio Night students practiced their hand at wheel throwing and hand-building. Working on the wheel was “harder than I thought” at first, according to Brady Moreland, 17, but “once I got the hang of it, it was really fun”.

Everyone used underglazes to add color to their white earthenware vessels. When the clay was leather hard, students practiced the “sgraffito” method, where they used sharp tools to scrape the surface of the bowl away, revealing the white clay underneath. Sharon Moran, 16, “liked making bowls in many shapes and sizes” and meeting all of the “really cool people” at MudFire. Indeed, the bowls are small, large, tall, and short. Some have feet, and others are faces. There’s a good chance that if you come to the dinner, you will find a unique bowl or vessel that is just right for you!

This project has been a learning experience full of chemistry, metals, mud, and physics – and generosity. It is “good for us to do [the Empty Bowls project] for other people … I wish we could come back here [to MudFire] more,” noted Savannah Banks, 17.

Tuesday Studio Night 2013 – Week 9


Our last day visiting MudFire Studios in Decatur! We added finishing touches to our bowls with colored underglazes. Daphne showed us how to glaze our bowls so that they will be sleek and glassy for holding soup! They look a ghostly blue-white when the glaze dries on the surface. After firing in the kiln, the glaze will become clear.

The bowls that we are making at MudFire will be sold at our Empty Bowls Dinner Fundraiser on November 21st at The Goat Farm Arts Center!

Monday Studio Night 2013 – Week 8


Our last day visiting MudFire Studios in Decatur! Daphne and Kevin showed us how to glaze our bowls so that they will be sleek and glassy for holding soup! They look a ghostly blue-white when the glaze dries on the surface. After firing in the kiln, the glaze will become clear.

The bowls that we are making at MudFire will be sold at our Empty Bowls Dinner Fundraiser on November 21st at The Goat Farm Arts Center!