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International Art Service Project 2013 Video

by Jennifer Lester + Jorge Yanar

 IASP_Video_Teaser copy

On July 13th, six teen artists from One Love Generation will be traveling to the City of Liberia, located on the northwestern edge of Costa Rica. Here, in partnership with RAW Tours, we hope to create a heart opening experience and lasting impact on the community through the arts. We’ll be working closely with the Museo de Guanacaste— once an armory, then criminal housing center — with plans of being renovated into a museum and community gathering space. In its current state, the museum looks deserted. With art and art projects, we hope to transform this space into a more inviting and welcoming environment. With the help of local teen artists, we will achieve this through various projects including: the installation of murals, building a message board in the plaza, and building a table composed of found materials. An exchange of cultures will take place throughout our trip– OLG teens will offer printed portrait photography for local families. We will host a workshop on how to make jewelry made from ordinary objects. Students of Costa Rica will teach us traditional folk dances. Collectively we will host a film viewing at the museum. We will offer local teenage artists a presentation on contemporary murals from around the world; reflecting on current trends, techniques, contextualization, narratives, and styles. We will engage in dialogue with them to learn about their own interpretations of muralism and their visions for the future of the art-form. Finally, we will share our technical expertise with them regarding installation processes that may be helpful in the creation of their own murals and designs. The week will culminate with a celebration of the various installations and a program of local artisans.

OLG hopes to form a lasting relationship with the arts community of Liberia. We hope to offer our Studio Program at the museum this fall, free of charge, serving teen artists in the area. We are excited about the possibility of international expansion and developing a global sense of community through the arts.

Please support One Love Generation and this year’s team of international teen artists in their mission to make a positive impact in the world.

Please visit MyOneLoveGeneration to support this project.

Photo Credits Include: Jennifer Lester, Kattya Lomel, Avanti Lemons, Museo de Guanacaste, Kasey Brinson, Ish Holmes, Glass House Collective, Sarah Arnason, Martha Cooper

Be Loved!

Sam Parker

by Lauren Pallotta

ATL! So much going on this weekend to support the arts (and especially the artists of One Love Generation)! This Saturday, February 9th, from 11am to 8pm, be sure to check out BeLoved, a semi-private arts show and marketplace held within the gracious residential estate of co-creators Cyndi Smith and Susan Saul, located at 4465 Paper Mill Rd. Marietta, GA 30067.

BeLoved is designed to benefit youth in the arts. In addition to showcasing the handiwork of over twenty local artisans in jewelry, fiber arts, ceramics, and painting, BeLoved will also be featuring the artwork of OLG’s talented students who made prints with Straw Hat Press, and created paintings to honor the Atlanta Humane Society’s orphaned dogs. And did I mention that all door donations go to One Love Generation?! That’s right, get some and give some, as they say!

But what would One Love be without its awesome network of artists and mentors? You can check out some of their work at ABV Gallery’s “Born and Bred” group show, also on Saturday, Feb. 9, from 7-11pm, featuring work inspired by American people, places and things. Within the crew are some One Love Generation all stars, including mentor Ash Lethal, as well as visiting artists Ted Murphy and Sam Parker (thanks for working with OLG this week SAM!!).

Last but not least this weekend, ART PAPERS will be hosting its 14th annual Art Auction and Party at Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, from 7-10pm on Saturday. This event will feature an impressive showcase of work by 250+ famed and emerging artists from around the world benefiting ART PAPERS’ award-winning programs. Get your tickets now!

So be a good valentine to the world this Saturday. Buy local art! Support arts programs and the artists who nurture them. Make hearts happy.

Featured Teen Artist: Yakira Carter

Yakira was accepted into the One Love Generation (OLG) mentee program in the eighth grade while attending Coan Middle School. During her first year, she studied under world-renowned mixed media artist/mentor, Dubelyoo and currently studies under stencil artist, Jessi Monroe.

We have watched her grow in incredible strides through her artwork & inner self. She is extremely gifted in the arts with a natural understanding of drawing unbeknownst to most adults in the field. We are excited to see where her work takes us and how she will contribute to the world through her talent. You’ll be seeing much more from this little creative fireball.

Yakira is about to begin her sophomore year at Grady High. She dreams to be awarded a scholarship to attend a prestigious art school in New York City.

Words from Yakira: OLG is my place to be. It’s my second home. I have family, friends and a healthy environment to do what brings bliss to me. All my life I’ve been drawing. I had no classes or lessons. It came…naturally. As I grew older I felt I was missing something. I joined OLG in ’10 thinking I’d become a better artist. But I also became a better person. I care about more things than just myself and I can thank OLG for giving me brand new eyes.

Recent work inspired by a music, acrylic on canvas:

Yakira working with her current mentor, Jessi Monroe:

Self portrait by Yakira Carter, Spray Paint:

Interpretation of One Love Generation by Yakira Carter, watercolor:

Yakira’s mock up for first potential client, watercolor:

Yakira Carter 2010, Acrylic on canvas:

Image from last year’s gallery show with 2010 mentor, Dubelyoo.  Work by Yakira Carter & Courtney Peterson, acrylic on wood:

The Women in Yakira’s Life, pen & ink:

If you would like to purchase thank you cards made by Yakira (shown below) or commission her for custom work, please email jennifer@onelovegeneration.org for more information.

Yakira in focus mode………can’t believe we captured it!




Under the Sea: Adult Prom Fundraiser

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05.10.11 + 05.11.11 Zac Recording w/ Simon Illa

Photos courtesy of Kelley Hagen

Recording studio tour courtesy of Simon Illa & ZAC Recording

Music courtesy of Psychedubasaurus REX

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2nd Annual One Love Date Auction Photos

Thank you all for your support!!!

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