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30 Artists In 30 Days | Day 21 | SKIE

SKIE creating live work at Sam Flax. Be sure to bid on this piece, as well as all of the other fantastic art being created at Sam Flax on April 5th at The Goat Farm Arts Center‘s Rodriguez Room. Check out our calendar below to see when other artists will be making their appearance!

Monday Studio Night 2013 – Week 3

Secret Belgian Binding


For the first part of studio night, we started learning how to coptic bind books. For the second part, street artist SKIE visited to share his work and some great tips for practicing artists. (Forgot your sketchbook? Draw on any paper you have in front of you, and paste it in your sketchbook later!)

30 Artists in 30 Days: Day 2: SKIE

Thank you to today’s featured artist, SKIE, who is currently in Sam Flax creating works for One Love Generation.  Please RSVP & join us for the auction on the 31st of March at The Goat Farm.  THANK YOU SKIE!!  We are so grateful for your participation & contribution!